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Do Not Leave Without Reading The Definition Of Wealth.
Without knowing what real wealth is you will find it difficult to realise your own. If you only get one thing out of this website it should be the understanding of what wealth is.

Positive Cash flow Means Real Wealth

The only true cash flow is residual cash flow. If the definition of wealth has eluded you until now please understand that CASH FLOW IS the major factor. The balance between your incoming cash flow and your outgoing cash flow is what determines if you possess true wealth OR JUST MONEY IN THE BANK.

A lower incoming cash flow will cause a cash flow deficit in your budget.

A higher incoming cash flow than outgoing cash flow will create a cash flow surplus.

Suppose you need an incoming cash flow of $5000 to survive from month to month and your are working as many hours as you possibly can (you may even have other family members working to provide this amount of money or you may have a second job). If you lose your job or your cash flow decreases only slightly you are will face financial difficulties (especially if you owe money).


Before we go any further you need to know what a residual cash flow is. Residual cash flow is cash flow that continues even if you don't or can't work. Residual cash flow can be generated by dividends from shares, interest on investments such as property or fixed term deposits. There are other methods of generating a residual income which are discussed in our eCashflow Newsletter.

Take the same scenario but this time you are working the same hours but you have a RESIDUAL CASH FLOW of $5000 in addition to your normal income. You've lost your job but because you have the residual cash flow you do not have to worry. You can live off this cash flow while you seek another job (or perhaps you wont bother going back to work and you take a holiday of retire).


Many professional earn a lot of money but spend so many hours getting it that they do not have time to enjoy it.So to become wealthy you have to find a way to create a residual income. You could buy shares or stocks or you could invest in someone else's business.

So start making yourself a residual income today. Subscribe to the eCashflow Newsletter for more information. We will not send you spam email and you are free to unsubscribe at any time.

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